Money Scripts with Nate Astle

Money scripts with nathan astle

We are very fortunate to have a special guest on this episode: Nathan Astle. He has a Master’s Degree in Couples and Family Therapy and a graduate certificate in Financial Therapy. He will be sharing some of his knowledge with us about money scripts.

Money scripts

Money scripts are unconscious beliefs about money that come from experiences we’ve had in the past. None of them are set in stone. They are constantly changing so you can make some financial improvements.

4 Main Categories

Money avoidance – This is the belief that money is bad. Money avoidant people may feel that they don’t deserve money and wealthy people are greedy and corrupt.

Money worship – This is the idea that the more money you have, the happier you will be. Money worshippers may think money will fix all your problems.

Money status – Money status people may be described as the “boujee” people. They often feel that your self worth = your net worth.

Money vigilance – This idea means you are alert and concerned about your financial health. You save money for the future but you may have some anxiety about your financial future.

What is your money script?

The Klontz Money Script Inventory is a survey that will suggest which money scripts are most pertinent to you. You can take it here

Money Scripts and relationships 

No two people will have everything in common. It’s helpful to understand where you are and where your partner is. This knowledge can help you resolve conflicts, set goals, etc. Money scripts are changeable, but you shouldn’t necessarily go out and try to change them. For example, the money status script is associated with overspending, gambling, hiding finances from partners. You don’t need to change this, just put yourself in situations that don’t allow you to experience downfalls from these.

“Money Tip of the Week”

Save money when you can! It all adds up. Nathan saved all his spare change for 6 months and came up with $200 at the end of it!