Spring Break Savings

Spring Break Savings

Spring Break is a fun time for students and families alike, but if you don’t plan, you could end up spending a lot more money than you were planning to! Jack and Josh bring us some tips for making sure you don’t come back Spring Broke.


  • Make sure you plan ahead! We know we’re a little late on this one, but next year you should try to plan as early as possible. Flights and hotels can be a lot cheaper if you buy them far ahead of time.

  • Driving vs Flying

    • For some people, driving is just not an option because they absolutely hate road trips, but some people are terrified of flying. Both options are good, so it depends on personal preference. If you are driving, you need to think about the extra time it will take and the miles you’re putting on your car. If you are flying, you need to make sure you find a cheap flight, and check out the baggage requirements.

  • StudentUniverse

    • StudentUniverse houses hundreds of student discounts on flights, hotels, and activities. There have been one-way flights as cheap as $4.20 before! If you are doing a study abroad or just traveling for fun, check out StudentUniverse for exclusive deals for students that aren’t found other places.

  • One way to save money on vacation is to buy your own food! Going out to eat for every meal can be very expensive.

    • Buy your own groceries

    • Take coupons

    • Take advantage of free breakfast if you stay at a hotel