Practical Presents with Abby Pope

Practical Presents with Abby Pope

We changed it up a little bit this week! We’ve got the third member of our team, Thomas Meek, and an extra special guest, Abby Pope. Abby is very involved in the Personal Financial Planning Program at K-State, Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and has already gained lots of experience in the finance world.

Buying Good Gifts

The key to buying good gifts is simple: Pay attention!

  • Listen for people dropping hints

  • Keep a list on your phone throughout the year

  • Listen to what they need, but aren’t willing to buy for themselves.

Staying on budget during the holidays is difficult. Keep a list with all the people you need to buy gifts for, and set a price limit for each. If you know exactly what you want to get them, write that down as well.

Affordable Gift Options

Some affordable gift options or places to find them are:

  • Coupons like “One Free Snow Shoveling” or “One Free Babysitting”

  • Pinterest- Check out people’s boards! They will show specific things people like and also have great DIY ideas.

  • Thrift Stores- You can find some really good hidden treasures at these places!

  • Check out local businesses- Sometimes they have even better deals than you can find online.

Security & Protection

Security and protection are also important during the holiday season. You should:

  • Use a credit card if possible. You’re only liable for up to $50 if your credit card is stolen, but the process is much worse with a debit card.

  • Check Return Policies so you are still able to return the gift if it doesn’t work out.

  • Use cash when possible because it will help you avoid any sort of identity theft issues.

“Money Tip of the Week”

Get extra rewards on your gas cards, like a Dillon’s card or a HyVee card, by purchasing gift cards for gifts you were already planning on buying. At Dillon’s, if you buy a Best Buy gift card for example, you will get 4x the gas rewards!