$ave Dat Money: Great Ways for College Students to Save Money

$ave Dat Money: Great Ways for College Students to Save Money

College is expensive, and everyone that’s in college knows it! Tuition, room & board, groceries, and gas all add up. Thankfully, people also like helping college students. There are some great resources out there created specifically to help college students save money.

Pocket Points

Pocket Points is a great resource that rewards students for staying off their phone in class. You simply open the app and leave your phone locked while you’re on campus. You rack up points depending on how long you stay off your phone. Then you redeem the points and earn awesome prizes, like coupons, deals, and sometimes even free stuff! Personally, I’ve been using the free Chick-Fil-A french fries reward a lot this semester. Pocket Points is now available at many universities around the United States, and all you have to do is stay off your phone during class.


Chegg offers many services, like tutoring and study materials, but their best service is textbook rentals. You should never buy a brand new textbook unless you need an online access code for a class. Textbooks are like cars: a used one will do the trick. Chegg offers extremely cheap textbook rentals, up to 90% off actually. It’s definitely somewhere to check out if you don’t plan on using a certain book after the class is over.

Student Universe

My favorite of all these resources is StudentUniverse. Raise your hand if you like to travel! You couldn’t see it, but I raised my hand, and if you did too then you are in for a treat. StudentUniverse houses hundreds of student discounts on flights, hotels, and activities. There have been one-way flights as cheap as $4.20 before! If you are doing a study abroad or just traveling for fun, check out StudentUniverse for exclusive deals for students that aren’t found other places.

Major Student Discounts

Aside from the three resources above, there are tons of other places that offer discounts simply for being a student. At Apple, you can get up to $200 off a computer, and sometimes they give you a free pair of Beats headphones with your purchase. Some insurance companies offer discounts on your payments if you get good grades. There are also tons of clothing stores like American Eagle, Banana Republic, and Champs Sports that offer up to 20% off your purchases.

If you are a college student, take advantage of it while it lasts!